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Ivanov: Army is prepared to protect territorial integrity

The flag that was raised here 25 years ago was a clear and unambiguous message that this is a territory of a sovereign and independent country. A peaceful country open for cooperation with all. At the same time, a country with its own army, which is prepared to protect its territorial integrity and independence, said President Gjorge Ivanov at the ceremony marking the 25. anniversary from the takeover of border post “Ramna Niva” by the Macedonian Army (ARM).

“Today, same as then, we are faced with challenges. But the ARM is here to protect us from the threats, it is the country’s pride and hope for peace”, said Ivanov.

According to him, the army provided enormous contribution in the fulfillment of the high standards in the defense sector, which is seen through the successful management of the migration threat at Macedonia’s southern border.

“Since its independence, Macedonia has implemented a policy and built a system that enables its Euro-Atlantic integration, in line with its interests, needs and possibilities. We are strongly committed to the transformation and modernization of the defense system, which is ongoing despite certain objective difficulties”, stressed Ivanov.

The event was attended by ARM Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Metodija Velickovski, army generals, officials from the Ministry of Interior, local authorities etc.