Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Ivanov: Is not serious name issue to be agreed over the phone


President Gjorge Ivanov’s cabinet assessed that Monday’s statement by PM Zoran Zaev given in political show “Top Tema” on TV Telma that possible rejection of agreement with Greece would jeopardize Macedonia’s perspectives to join EU and NATO and increase internal dangers, “represents a desperate attempt to manipulate the public and mislead Macedonian citizens ahead of possible referendum vote.”

“Macedonia’s strategic commitments for EU and NATO membership are clearly defined and unchanged. Preserving the constitutional name and finding a solution that will not generate constitutional changes is in no way directed against the integration of the Republic of Macedonia into the EU and NATO. The signing of an international agreement contained in one or more interlinked documents should be in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, and not to foresee its changing,” Ivanov’s cabinet press release reads.

In regard to PM Zaev’s call to all political stakeholders to support possible agreement, Ivanov once again reiterates that broad national consensus is needed to find a solution that will not affect the dignity of the Macedonian people and citizens.

Ivanov also considers that name issue, which is of significant importance for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, is not serious and irresponsible to be agreed over the phone and by means of personal agreement between the prime ministers of the two countries, reads the press release.