Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 3

Ivanov-Meta meeting: Albania supports Macedonia’s efforts to join NATO


We are all looking forward to Macedonia joining NATO and to making an evident headway in its EU integration process, Albanian President Ilir Meta said Monday after a meeting in Skopje with his host, President Gjorge Ivanov.

“In this context, we are championing the dialogue to resume in a bid to overcome all the issues seen as a hurdle in the process. Macedonia as a member of NATO is not only an achievement for the country itself, but it is also a success for the entire region, because it is considered a factor of security in these turbulent times,” Meta told a news conference in Skopje.

Both Albania and Macedonia embarked on their journey toward NATO, said the Macedonian President. “Once Albania became a member, Macedonia now is expecting to be supported in its efforts.”

“Macedonia expects Albania to help the country secure a NATO membership invitation. As regards the EU, all of Macedonia’s experience acquired so far is put at disposal of Albania to boost its EU integration efforts,” President Ivanov noted.

Considering the prospect of bringing the two nations closer, including the countries’ business communities, an infrastructural network is a must, according to him.

“The extent of exchange of goods of the two immediate neighbors is not satisfactory,” Ivanov added noting that infrastructure was regarded as the main obstacle, i.e. lack of railway connection.