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Jakovlevski: There’s no man that can break VMRO-DPMNE

Since the day it was established to date VMRO-DPMNE is calling for unity, the only problem is that someone is against that unity and they are continually trying to tear us apart. Their main goal is divide and rule. Macedonian national unity needs committed politicians who will not run to the embassies every day like little children and snitch their own country and people. If nobody from outside, from the foreigners, interferes, we will reach the goal very soon, and that is Macedonian national unity, says Jakovlevski in an interview with Republika

Mr. Jakovlevski, as one of the founders of VMRO-DPMNE, do you believe that in these 25 years of independence the party has achieved the main goals for which it was created in 1990?

JAKOVLEVSKI: In 1990, when we formed the party, the main goal was to create an independent state with its own army, police, diplomacy … all features of a state. Today the main goal is the economy, improving the standard of living, job creation, thereby reducing unemployment, preserving the name and identity of our country. There are still many things that need to be improved, but what kind of opposition we are dealing with. I mean yes, the main things that were promised back then have been fulfilled. The ideologists of VMRO-DPMNE, Dragan Bogdanovski, Nikola Kljusev, Jordan Mijalkov, Kostadin Dinevski-Dinkata, Boris Trajkovski and many others who paved the way on which today we walk in independent Macedonia are no longer with us and for all of them and for the unborn, we must continue upgrading Macedonia. It is our commitment and duty. Even after December 11 we will continue to put efforts Macedonia to be a success story in the Balkans and elsewhere in Europe. It is our commitment and I assure you that we will achieve that with VMRO-DPMNE at the helm of the next government.

VMRO’s eternal aspiration is achieving Macedonian national unity, but since time immemorial to date Macedonia mostly suffers from its own children. Could Macedonians overcome the syndrome of self-destruction and finally unite over the most important national issues or the snitching mentality and traitors of the cause are impossible to eradicate?

JAKOVLEVSKI: Since the day it was established to date VMRO-DPMNE is calling for unity, the only problem is that someone is against that unity and they are continually trying to tear us apart. Their main goal is divide and rule. Macedonian national unity needs committed politicians who will not run to the embassies every day like little children and snitch their own country and people. If nobody from outside, from the foreigners, interferes, we will reach the goal very soon, and that is Macedonian national unity.


In your speech at the panel discussion organized by VMRO-DPMNE you said that VMRO-DPMNE was not just a party, that VMRO-DPMNE was an ideology. Do you fear that with the attempts to dismantle the party someone wants to destroy the very ideology of Macedonian unyieldingness?

JAKOVLEVSKI: VMRO is a party derived from the people and it is people’s party and the people have recognized the goal that the party is fighting for all categories in the country: unemployed, socially vulnerable, pensioners, farmers… There is no man, politician that can break VMRO-DPMNE even though someone is continually trying to do that. If Ljubco Georgievski’s attempts have failed, no one can succeed.

VMRO-DPMNE is a defender of the Macedonian identity and it will remain so.

In the same speech, you sent a message to the self-proclaimed rescuers not to play with Macedonia and VMRO-DPMNE, to stay away so as not to burn themselves. Do you think that Zaev and SDSM will accept the punishment by the people in a democratic manner, without violent scenarios?

JAKOVLEVSKI: VMRO is more than a party, VMRO is an ideology, VMRO is a defender – it was and it must continue to be. Therefore, we, the founders, the veterans of VMRO-DPMNE have said: the leader Nicola to continue to bravely run VMRO-DPMNE and the government in our country. And the self-proclaimed rescuers not to play with Macedonia and VMRO-DPMNE. “Stay away from the party not to burn yourselves.” No one has called them to rescue VMRO. Since 1990 until today, SDSM has only once won the elections and, except intrigues, the old leadership showed no qualities while in power. On the contrary, this party is guilty of the terrible transition in which over 200,000 people lost their jobs, of the Macedonian citizenship given to 150,000 Kosovars in Macedonia, thus changing the ethnic structure of the unfortunate reference FYROM, of the change of flag, of the terrible territorial division and what not. With its anti-statehood behavior, they were threatening the stability of Macedonia the whole time.

The present leadership of SDSM shows that it hasn’t learned the lesson from the past. After multiple defeats in local, presidential and parliamentary elections, instead of change in policies required by the new time, meaning feasible programs that should bring it closer to the people, it still uses the old methods of intrigue, blackmail, threats, intimidation of the public with wars, unrest and destabilization of the country.

Today, when SDSM has plunged the country into political crisis, supported and constructed from outside, several of our former political figures have appeared in order to “save” VMRO-DPMNE. Unprecedented audacity or naivety. Or more precisely foolishness, wishful thinking and personal interest of individuals to regain some high party or public position, or maybe there are promises much greater than position? Many people have already understood their role in this scenario implemented by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. But it is not clear whom should these “rescuers” save the party from? Are they going to save it from us, the founders, the veterans, from more than 200 thousand members, the supporters, the people who have been voting for VMRO-DPMNE for ten years? From whom? It’s not easy to sit aside and watch as someone is snitching their own country and people to foreign embassies, coloring our country, destroying what the government of VMRO has built. Instead of organizing their own parties, they are preoccupied with us all the while, telling us how to run the party rather than minding their own business.

You know, our members are outraged at why these colorful revolutions are so much tolerated, beating policemen, damaging public facilities, the patience of our members, primarily the patience of the veterans of VMRO, was coming to an end, but we sat quietly for one single reason: to not fight each other.


You have urged everyone in Macedonia and abroad to turn out in massive numbers in the December 11 elections to cast their votes for, as you say, the guarantor of successful Macedonia – VMRO-DPMNE. Do you think that these elections have special significance?

JAKOVLEVSKI: I have urged everyone in Macedonia, and our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, to turn out in massive numbers in the December 11 elections, to cast their vote for the guarantor of successful Macedonia – VMRO-DPMNE, and in the evening together to celebrate the tenth victory for Macedonia on all squares in Macedonia and abroad. All citizens of Macedonia and the diaspora have already recognized the commitment of the party that works on improving the standards in Macedonia. It is extremely important for the party leadership to continue with its commitment and the Government to continue to work for Macedonia. If in 1990 the main task was an independent state, today the main goal is to build roads, railways, hospitals, playgrounds … and that can already be seen – things are going better albeit in difficult conditions. I am convinced it can only be realized with Nikola Gruevski at the helm. He is the guarantor of successful Macedonia, he is a man of his word, he promises and fulfills. That’s why, I am convinced that the leader Gruevski and the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE in the December 11 elections will be rewarded by voters like never before.

Several former members of the party lately have been trying to speak on behalf of VMRO-DPMNE, who, though, have openly entered into an alliance with Zoran Zaev and SDSM. They have also announced a certain rightist opposition bloc in the upcoming elections. Can we see honesty in their words about the ideals of VMRO or there is something else hidden in their actions?

JAKOVLEVSKI: If they were part of VMRO because of the ideology, they would not have left the party. They were, probably, in the wrong party or have not met their personal ambitions and that’s why they are looking for new company, i.e. a coalition with a party closer to their ideology.

Despite my appearances in which I have been mentioning Ljubco Georgievski in negative connotation, but over specific issues, from this distance, not denying the importance of his personality when we talk about the period of the struggle for independence of Macedonia, I use this occasion to publicly call him to return where he belongs. And knowing him, I have no doubt that he will respond to the provocations of the non-Macedonian elements in our country and the disintegration of everything that we have fought for – Macedonia for the Macedonians.


What are the lessons that VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonia will have to learn after the end of this crisis?

JAKOVLEVSKI: Today, when we have our own Macedonian state, let’s not repeat the same mistakes we have made in the past, stay united, fight for Macedonian national unity, continue the ideology of VMRO, the ideology we shared in the 90s, the ideology for which thousands of Macedonians gave their lives. Macedonian national unity is as necessary as daily bread in these, I would say, turbulent times witnessing major changes in the world. Gruevski, the most dedicated politician who works for Macedonia, in the forthcoming elections will win the trust of the people as deserved. The gained trust is also an obligation to continue to fulfill his promises, and, in fact, that’s what Nikola Gruevski fulfills all the time, fulfillment of his promises. To work for Macedonia is a responsibility, a responsibility towards the thousands of people who fought, and many gave their lives for Macedonia, it is also a responsibility towards our future generations. The parties are formed to work in the interest of Macedonia, not for their own personal interest. Whoever undertook to pursue politics should always put the interest of the citizens of Macedonia first, not their own personal interest, which is tiresome – move it aside, out of politics. Macedonia will come out of the crisis much stronger and more united than ever, led by VMRO-DPMNE.

To everyone, Macedonia should be above all else!

By: Nenad Mircevski
Photo credit: Aleksandar Ivanovski