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Jami district to open 11th International Theater Festival


The 11th Faces Without Masks International Theater Festival will begin with a performance of Jami district at Skopje’s Army Hall at 8 pm.

Macedonian actor Visar Vishka will open the festival, running through April 16 under the slogan “Find a Way.” A total of 7 plays will be shown, including 4 international and 3 Macedonian productions.

Jami district, the documentary and politically engaged play written by Milena Bogovac and directed by Kokan Mladenović from Serbia, is a co-production between Belgrade’s BITEF theater, Think Tank from Novi Sad, and MASZK from Szeged, Hungary. The play challenges notions of nationalism in the 21st-century hi-tech world.

The next play on the festival’s program is Ârtica, a non-conventional show directed by Sergi Ots and produced by the experimental theater company Ponten Pie from Spain. The wordless play turns the theatrical experience into an interactive sensory adventure and will be performed three times a day in a makeshift house in front of Skopje’s Universal Hall between April 13 and 15.

Kosovo’s Qendra Multimedia will present Fifty-five Shades of Gay, directed by Blerta Neziraj, at the Macedonian National Theater on April 14. 

Dreamville, directed by Efi Meravoglou and produced by 92. Art from Athens, Greece, will be staged at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet on April 15.

The three Macedonian productions start with Sofia Ristevska’s Three Steps Forward, Three Back (Seven-Eights) put on by Bitola’s Intimate Theater at the Universal Hall on April 13 at 10 pm.

Vladimir Milchin’s Rancidity, produced by the independent theater company Artopia, is scheduled for April 16 at 8 pm at the Children’s Theater Center.

The choreodrama La-La-La by Sasha Evtimova will be shown at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet on April 16 at 10 pm. It will be followed by the awards ceremony at which the three festival prizesGrand Prix, Best Director, and Best Actorwill be presented to the winners.