Monday, 17 December 2018 | News today: 8

January 2 to be declared non-working day again?


At the request of the citizens, January 2 to be a non-working day for all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy say that for such a decision the opinions of the employers and workers are important.

“In the past period, regarding the Law on the holidays of the Republic of Macedonia, questions were frequently raised in the direction that they are very numerous, that they should be supplemented with non-working days for other nationalities, employers often point out that there are many holidays. In order to be able to approach any solution, the question will need to be opened and discussed with representatives of employers and workers’ representatives and, of course, to consider the international experience of the number of non-working days. After that, a proposal can be approached to consider whether January 2 may be considered as a non-working day,” the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy announced.

In 2007, the law on holidays was changed and January 2 was declared a working day, but new holidays were added as non-working days.