Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Japan’s Embassy in Skopje celebrates Emperor Akihito’s birthday


Japan’s Embassy in Skopje celebrated Wednesday the 84th birthday of Emperor Akihito – the national holiday in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) presented its annual award on the occasion to Macedonia’s Crisis Management Center (CMC) over their successful ten-year cooperation.

I am pleased to see many friends gathered for the celebration of Emperor Akihito’s birthday, who, along with his wife, Empress Michiko visited Skopje in 1976, Japanese Ambassador to Macedonia Keiko Haneda said at the ceremony.

She expressed satisfaction with the fruitful Japan-Macedonia cooperation in 2017, saying that it was, inter alia, a result of the opening of Japan’s Embassy in Skopje.

Macedonia and Japan share same values, Haneda said, expressing hope for the people of both countries to cooperate further in promoting the rule of law, fundamental human rights, peace/stability of the region and the world and sustainable economic growth.

The CMC – JICA cooperation is a an example for the successful cooperation between Macedonia and Japan, Director Agron Buxhaku said and expressed gratitude for the award.

The recognition honors CMC contribution to building Macedonia’s crisis management capacity. For the last ten years 10 CMC employees have obtained crisis management raining in Japan. In 2009 CMC introduced the System for Prevention and Early Warning of Forest Fires, while in 2015 it shared its experience with other Balkan countries.

JICA and CMC will soon launch a new five-year project for capacity-building related to Environmental protection and Disaster Risk Reduction (ECO-DRR).