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Judicial Watch: Baily to hand over his records of communication with Soros


US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily will have to hand over his emails, phone records and other communications during the investigation into the allocation of illegal funds to organizations associated with George Soros in Macedonia.

US organization Judicial Watch sent a request for investigation into abuses at the embassy in Macedonia and the USAID Mission, asking the Department of State to produce all records of Ambassador Baily and other officials at the embassy with members of the George Soros foundation that would show the level of abuse in allocation of funds.

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Judicial Watch is a watchdog organization that files lawsuits against US state institutions in situations when they are trying to hide their abuse from the public. The lawyer teams of Judicial Watch have sued US state institutions to release the White House visitor logs to look into president’s meetings with lobbyists, to disclose information that would indicate where Hillary Clinton was during the attack in Benghazi and they have been involved in several other high-profile cases in which government abuse was exposed.

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In this case, Judicial Watch has joined the investigation of a group of congressmen and senators who are looking into how was it possible almost all the funds designated for development of democracy, which were granted by the US Embassy in Macedonia and USAID, to end up in the pockets of Vladimir Milcin and George Soros’ Foundation.

As government officials, the employees at the embassy and USAID are obliged to keep records related to allocation of funds to the Soros Foundation, and they are strictly forbidden to delete or destroy emails and letters that would show abuse.

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“This request includes, but is limited to, any responsive records of communication sent from or directed to US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess L. Baily,” writes Judicial Watch. The request details the organizations associated with the Open Society Foundation Macedonia, which will be examined by the several investigations announced. Among them is the East-West Management Institute, which recently received a major grant from USAID, worth 9.5 million euros, to implement in cooperation with the Soros Foundation, and which was associated with the wife of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Delina Fico.

There is also Metamorphosis, an organization that runs many projects related to media and is indicated to have links with the Soros Foundation. The investigation will include payments of grants to media as Plusinfo of Branko Geroski, who is famous for constant spitting on everything Macedonian and for leaving space to the crazy attacker Branko Trichkovski.

The financing of the web portal Libertas associated with Aco Kabranov, the Meta agency, web portal A1on, the website for investigative journalism Prizma, Okno and the Media Development Centre, who is engaged in preparing negative reports on the freedom of the media in Macedonia, will also be investigated.

Judicial Watch also demands investigation into the financing of the Civil organization, which tried to create a negative atmosphere for alleged irregularities in the elections.

The financing of Hera, an organization that works on promoting leftist views contrary to family values, will be examined as well. A dozen other organizations such as Kontrapunkt, NVO Infocentar, The Center for Civil Communications, Reactor, the Youth Educational Forum, Citizens for European Macedonia, ADI and many others will also be investigated. The documents will be examined from 1 January 2015 onward.

Based on the collected materials, Judicial Watch will come to conclusion whether the US Embassy in Macedonia and USAID abused the money of the US taxpayers.

The request comes at a time when President Donald Trump requires halving of the funds for the State Department and USAID because of numerous similar information on abuses around the world, where USAID was used to co-finance Soros’ political activities, promoting leftist policies and destroying conservative governments .