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Kotzias: Intergovernmental agreements, result of compromise


Intergovernmental agreements are a result of compromise, we have reached an agreement that is beneficial for both countries, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias told a conference on the legal aspects of the name deal in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, MIA reports from Athens.

FM Kotzias referred to the articles in the agreement related to the name and its use, the language, the nationality, but also irredentism.

“Do I like North Macedonia? No. I would have liked North Alaska better, but there was already an agreement over a compound name including term Macedonia. The term was there for decades and I believe it is unethical for those who did this to represent themselves as champions of a name not including term Macedonia,” said Kotzias.

He referred to the difference between citizenship and nationality and the aspect’s coverage in the agreement, while saying that the language has been registered in the UN as Macedonian since 1977.

“I have still not heard those criticizing the agreement to say exactly what is the thing we should have given up. I have still not heard them saying what we got and what is the ‘give-and-take’ balance,” said Kotzias and added that “compromise is defeat” for the agreement’s opponents.

Regarding the accusations that Greece has opened Macedonia’s NATO and EU door, the FM said the Alliance invitation is conditional on implementation of the obligations stemming from the name agreement.