Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 1

KSS union blames Government of blocking the Economic Welfare Council


The Confederation of Free Unions (KSS) accused the Economic Welfare Council that it is not operating as it should be, and demanded a 19 percent increase in public sector wages.

KSS President Blagoja Ralpovski said that the increase in public sector salaries should be adjusted to the increase in the minimum wage and needs to be approved at the Economic Welfare Council. Ralpovski also requested a decrease in the work day to seven hours in the public sector institutions which have now introduced an afternoon shift. Ralpovski added that his union supports the proposal to extend maternity leave to 12 months.

“KSS will stand firm in these demands and we call for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation in the Economic Welfare Council. If the situation does not improve, KSS will take more radical steps, including mass protests”, Ralpovski added.

The Economic Welfare Council brings together representatives of unions, employers and the Government. Ralpovski said that Labour and Welfare Minister Mila Carovska, who should represent the Government in the Council, is ignoring their requests for a meeting.