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Leventis: Skopje issue is lost for Greece


Vasilis Leventis, the leader of Greek party Union of Centrists, says Greece has lost the name issue by the fact that it discusses a compound name including term Macedonia, MIA reports from Athens.

Leventis met with the United States Ambassador to Athens, Geoffrey Pyatt on Monday.

“This is a lost issue. The Americans are clear that the issue has been closed. Ambassador Pyatt insisted on the fact that we accepted a compound name including term ‘Macedonia’ in 2008,” Leventis told radio Real FM.

He referred to the party proposal that Greece allows Macedonia to join EU and NATO, invest in the country and provide benefits at the Thessaloniki port in exchange for Skopje’s acceptance of a name without term ‘Macedonia’.

“We told the ambassador that a solution including term ‘Macedonia’ would go against the will of the Greek people. It will also harm the United States,” the Union of Centrists said in a press release.