Monday, 12 November 2018 | News today: 26

Macedonia lost its position – Alfa TV releases exclusive negotiations documents (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Macedonia is the only country in the world that has accepted a foreign country to change its Constitution, and thus the full identity of the nation, citizens and culture. Alfa TV has exclusively found out unpublished documents from the name negotiations. They reveal whether the prime minister and the government speak the truth when they speak of huge success in preserving the Macedonian identity, naming of the nation and language.

What were the positions of Macedonia and Greece regarding the language and the nation, for which Zaev now claims that a great victory has been won.

The UN documents show that they have not been negotiated at all because the world organization had determined that they cannot be subject to negotiations.

UN Security Council document dating from 13 August 2001

The same is confirmed in a this year’s document. Communication between authorized persons of the world organization and the Greek negotiating team.

The Security Council gives a confirmation of the Macedonian identity and it is clear that it is now being manipulated with a huge historic victory and protection of our identity, which no one could have taken from us if the Macedonian side was at least somewhat reasonable.

The 2008 negotiating materials show the absurd situation in which Macedonia lost a battle already won. They clearly state that the name of the nation is Macedonian, and the language is Macedonian. This is very important, because the language and the adjective as well as the nationality are not subject to negotiations. According to the UN remark, they should not be part of a formal agreement at all.

Since then, according to the UN, Greece has no room to oppose the use of “Macedonian” for so-called identity issues on a non-exclusive basis, something that the Prime Minister now shows us as a great victory, although he practically agreed to break the UN’s position by accepting the double formulation of Macedonian and citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The documents show that Macedonia has accepted all the requests of Greece, and didn’t hold any of its positions built since 1991. In this context, the erga omnes principle is one of the biggest absurdities in the whole package.

Not only did Macedonia accept the classical definition of erga omnes used in international communication, but also agreed to extended use, which has not been noticed in the history of international law so far.