Tuesday, 22 May 2018 | News today: 11

Macedonia to abolish customs for frozen pork imports


On request from meat companies, the Macedonian Government plans to abolish the customs for imports of frozen pork, beginning with October 1st.

At a joint press conference on  Monday, the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and the MIK Sveti Nikole and Pekabesko meat producers said they requested that the customs are abolished and that other companies also support the move. The duty was set at 19, 25 or 36 percent, depending on the type of meat that was being imported.

“This is a compromise between manufacturers and domestic producers, and we expect it will stabilize the market”, said Slobodan Kutreski from Pekabesko. He announced that Macedonian meat companies will now be able to use their capacity to the full extent and hire more workers. He expects a 30 percent increase in durable and semi-durable meat products production in 2017 and a 10 percent increase in exports. Macedonian companies cover 65 percent of the domestic market, a figure which the companies say has sometimes dropped to just 40 percent, owing to cheaper imports.

At the press conference the speakers assured the public that the imported frozen pork will not find its way to the market, and will instead be processed. They complained that the domestic pig farms can’t meet the needs of the manufacturers.