Monday, 17 December 2018 | News today: 8

Macedonia to get NATO invitation, membership after implementation of internal procedures

The draft-conclusions of the NATO summit include Macedonia’s invitation to start Alliance accession talks and membership after completion of internal procedures.

“At our 2008 Bucharest Summit, we decided that NATO will extend an invitation to FYROM to join the Alliance as soon as mutually acceptable solution to the name issue has been reached within the framework of the UN. We welcome the historic agreement between Athens and Skopje on the solution of the name issue. In line with our policy, we have decided to invite the government in Skopje to begin accession talks to join our Alliance. Full implementation of all prescribed internal procedures with respect to the agreement on the solution of the name issue is a condition for a successful conclusion of the accession process,” read the draft-conclusions obtained by MIA.

NATO also commends the government for significantly strengthening good neighborly relations, including the entry into force of the Treaty on Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation with Bulgaria.

“We welcome the determined efforts by the new government over the past year and the substantial progress that has been achieved on a number of urgently needed reforms and encourage further efforts on reform before and after accession, in order to enhance the country’s contribution to the Alliance,” read the conclusions.

In addition, NATO notes the continued efforts to build a functional multi-ethnic society based on full implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and encourages further efforts in this areas.

“We call upon all political leaders in the country to play a constructive role in these processes and in the speedy implementation of the agreement on a solution to the name issue. We appreciate Skopje’s steadfast support for NATO’s operations and missions, and ongoing contributions to international security,” read the draft-conclusions.