Tuesday, 16 October 2018 | News today: 0

Macedonia woke up in smog – air in Lisice most polluted

The air in Skopje, Bitola and Tetovo is polluted this morning, although the PM10 concentrations are lower than those overnight.

Air quality monitoring station measured PM10 concentrations at 120 micrograms in Tetovo, 165 in Bitola, Centar 140, Karpos 135, Gazi Baba 96, and Lisice with the highest air pollution level this morning 185, while in Rektorat 166 micrograms.

According to the measured PM10 concentrations, last night at about 22:ooh pollution was at its highest level.

During the night the most polluted city was Skopje with 145 mcrograms in Lisice, Tetovo 288, Centar 384, Karpos 271, Bitola 275, Kumanovo 264, Gazi Baba 273 and Rektorat 219 micrograms per cubic meter.

When air pollution exceeds global guidelines, it is not recommended to take long outdoor walks, especially for young children, elderly people and pregnant women.

Such pollution can endanger human health. It causes pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, and leads to cancer.