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Macedonia Writers’ Association marks 71st anniversary with awards ceremony


The Writers’ Association of Macedonia (WAM) is one of the longest-running organizations of artists, which in the past seven decades has brought together 540 writers from different genres, who also wrote and published works in their mother tongue, WAM Presdent Vele Smilevski said Tuesday in a speech marking the 71st anniversary of the literary association.

Addressing the event, Smilevski ‘from a writer’s point of view’ referred to current developments in connection to finding a solution to the name dispute.

“We are reminding everyone that no one has the right to obtrude the identity of the Macedonian people not in a single segment of its essence, most notably the name, language, history and tradition. The world, Europe, need us the way we are,” he said.

Also, Smilevski presented the activities of the association last year, when it marked 70 years of existence, pointing out the establishment of the Blaze Koneski Charter – an award dedicated to the first president of the Writers’ Association.

Furthermore, the WAM handed out its annual literary awards to the winners that were revealed on February 1.

The Monastery of Fuenterrabia by Jagoda Mihajlovska-Georgieva won the 2017 Stale Popov award for best novel.

Risto Vasilevski won the Aco Shopov award for best book of poems.

The Dimitar Mitrev award for best collection of essays went to Angelina Banovic-Markovska. Vasil Mukaetov won the Vanco Nikoleski award for best children’s book and Ljerka Tot Naumova is recognized for her book of poems written in Croatian, for which she won the Literary Bridge award for best work published in a language of the minorities in Macedonia.

The Writers’ Association of Macedonia was formed on 13 February 1947 by the writers Vasil Iljoski, Slavko Janevski, Risto Krle, Vlado Maleski, Dimitar Mitrev, Ivan Tocko, Kole Casule, Aco Sopov and Blaze Koneski.