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Macedonian, Bulgarian academies of science sign platform on cooperation


Recently signed friendship treaty between Macedonia and Bulgaria reflects the willingness of the citizens of both countries for common European future, which means to live in democracy, prosperity, peace and stability, the Presidents of the academies of science of both countries, Taki Fiti and Julian Revalski respectively, said Sunday as they signed a platform for cooperation between the two institutions.

They notified that the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) had contributed to signing the bilateral friendship treaty by their fruitful cooperation in the last few years.

‘The platform we have signed today aims at practical realization of the (friendship) treaty…The idea is by cooperating in  realization of fresh scientific, cultural projects to do something for bringing the young generations closer,’ Fiti said.

He notified that the two academies would offer their services to scientific, cultural institutions of both countries to initiate cooperation in realizing the Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship Treaty.

Revalski pointed out that the two academies had thus far realized over 40 projects, which contributed substantially to the signing of the bilateral agreement.

“We have decided to sign a platform, which sets the priorities of future cooperation, such as economy, transport, natural science, environment protection, and everything related to common historic heritage. The idea is a priority to be given to the cooperation between the young people and all of that for the agreement, signed between the governments of both countries, to be realized in practice,’ Revalski said.