Tuesday, 22 May 2018 | News today: 11

Macedonian fruits and vegetables in Russian markets


Products from Macedonian food industry can be exported through 300 chains of markets all across the Russian Federation.

Such an opportunity for Macedonian food producers was created at the meeting of the business delegation from Macedonia with representatives of the Eurasian Business Council, Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce told Tuesday.

The owners and managers of Macedonian companies producing and processing fresh fruits and vegetables represented at the 2017 WorldFood Moscow Exhibition presented the details of the cooperation with the Russian businessmen at a meeting with the Director General and the Director for Trade of the Eurasian Business Council Viktor Kambolov and Vartan Simonsyan respectively.

Most Russian markets will be available to Macedonian food industry manufacturers. As of tomorrow, Macedonian businessmen will hold first direct meetings with the owners of 30 large Russian chains of markets, Simonsyan said at the meeting in the business center “Food City” organised by the Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and “Macedonian House”, company formed to increase the export of goods from the country on the Russian market.

Kambolov said that the Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and “Macedonian House” in the past months made a serious commitment to promote Macedonian food producers on the Russian market and this has already yielded results. The next step is the access of the Macedonian products in the countries of the Eurasian Union, besides Russia, and in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Dejan Besliev, executive director of the Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, said the direct meetings with Russian businessmen will continue intensively in the next period with the organisation of thematic weeks for Macedonian producers from several branches of the food industry.

Macedonian business delegation also visited ten operational departments for the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables in the “Food City,” which is the first agricultural cluster in Moscow, the largest wholesale food distribution center in Russia.