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Macedonian Parliament elects new interior, transport ministers

­ The Macedonian Parliament elected Wednesday Mitko Cavkov as new Minister of Interior and Vlado Misajlovski as Minister of Transport and Communications. The vote comes after yesterday’s resignations of Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski from the posts.


Mitko Cavkov


Vlado Misajlovski


Earlier, PM Gruevski praised his two outgoing close associates, who in their resignation letters said that they are taking this step to help put an end to the political tensions that were sparked by the campaign of the opposition SDSM party which is publishing illegally wiretapped conversations between Government officials. Saso Mijalkov, head of the state security service UBK, also resigned along with the two ministers.

“Jankuloska and Mijalkov held extremely difficult and risky offices for over eight years. They showed professionalism and patriotism, calmness and wisdom, in some extremely turbulent times with serious challenges for our country. They showed enormous loyalty to their country, ready to rise in its defense time and time again. Under their leadership, we were able to see how the interests of the Republic of Macedonia should be protected, and how reforms should be enacted. How we should respond to some of the most complex challenges, such as the latest, successful operation in Kumanovo to neutralize a serious, armed and very experienced terrorist group. In the past nine years, with their determination, we saw operations never before enforced in Macedonia. A number of the actions they initiated, in their tough and decisive fight against crime and corruption, led to the elevation of Macedonia from 105th to the 62nd place in the Transparency International ranking, a drastic improvement. Without a doubt, their actions made Jankuloska and Mijalkov a thorn in the side of every criminal, whether he was sentenced or amnestied”, Gruveski said, in a veiled barb at Zoran Zaev, the SDSM leader who was amnestied by former President Branko Crvenkovski seven years ago over a corrupt real estate deal in the city of Strumica, where Zaev is mayor.

Gruevski added that his associates who resigned on Tuesday knew very well that the number of their enemies is rising, many of them powerful enough to lash out in response. “Under their guidance, the Interior Ministry put fear into the hearts of all criminal structures, and was a role model in international cooperation. They deserve our utmost respect, and I continue to have the highest confidence in them”, Gruveski added.

Speaking about the outgoing Transportation and Communications Minister Mile Janakieski, the Prime Minister praised him as a dynamic worker who would put in 15 hours days and comprehensively reformed the construction, telecommunications and air traffic sectors in the country. Under his guidance, Macedonia liberalized the telecom market, dramatically reducing prices both for calls and mobile data, introduced a major expansion of international air traffic and started construction on three strategically important highways and the long awaited railroad that would connect the country to Bulgaria.

“While he may have been seen with doubt from the experts in his field due to his youth, Mile Janakieski was quickly recognized as a minister who is a tireless worker, open to everybody, who put in enormous efforts to grow our construction sectors, road infrastructure, air traffic, telecommunications and all other areas under his mandate. The growth in construction under his watch was the driving force of our entire economy. Besides his normal obligations, he was always the most active one in crisis situations, be it floods, fires, landslides or avalanches, Mile was always the first one to organize the help those who were affected needed. He kept doing this to the last day, working to organize relief for the citizens affected by the crisis in Kumanovo”, Gruevski added.

At the start of the session, the Parliament noted that the two ministers have resigned. Mitko Cavkov, head of the Bureau for public security in the Interior Ministry, is nominated to take over as Interior Minister. Cavkov is a life long professional who has worked in the Interior Ministry. Prime Minister Gruevski praised him as a person who has helped prepare a number of major police operations as well as security reforms. Vlado Misajlovski is nominated as new Transportation and Communications Minister. He is currently director of the Road Agency, and Prime Minister Gruevski said that Misajlovski has worked to prepare the major highway construction projects, but is also experienced in working with municipal issues.