Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Macedonian police gets 45 Skoda vehicles from Czech Republic


The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Macedonia Miroslav Toman handed over Thursday €1 million worth donation consisted of 45 Skoda vehicles to the Macedonia’s Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

The vehicles are intended for the border police and police stations in the border areas.

“During the migration crisis, the Czech Republic significantly contributed to strengthening the capacities of Macedonian police. Their financial and material-technical assistance already exceeds €2 million. The procured vehicles will be used both by the border police and police stations in the border areas aimed at increasing the efficiency of the police and by this the safety of the citizens,” Spasovski said.

Toman said that the Czech Republic is pleased to help the Macedonian police and will continue to do so in the future.

“We have discussed with Minister Spasovski ways of further assistance of the Czech Republic to the Interior Ministry. The Czech Republic is not only helping financially, but also the deployment of 14th contingent of Czech police officers helps in keeping safe the southern border. The cooperation between the Macedonian and Czech police officers is excellent and we will continue with the same number of police officers in 2018,” Toman said.

Since 2016, 534 Czech police officers have been deployed to help Macedonia guarding the southern border and the realisation of the project is also foreseen in 2018.