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Majority of Greeks believe name solution would favor Macedonian positions: survey

 More than half of respondents (57.1%) believe a possible name solution would favor Macedonian positions, with 26.9 percent saying it would be close to the Greek ‘red lines’, shows a Rass survey for Greek TV station “Action 24″, MIA reports from Athens.

Sixteen percent of respondents were undecided or failed to respond to the question.

Името ТВ Анкета

Of the ones saying the solution would favor Macedonian positions, 74.5 percent voted for the opposition New Democracy at the 2015 parliamentary elections, while 39.7 percent chose SYRIZA.

In national terms, New Democracy is supported by 29.4 percent of respondents, followed by SYRIZA (19.2%), Movement for Change-PASOK, Potami, DIMAR (10.2%), Golden Dawn (7.2%), Communist Party (6.3%), Union of Centrists (2.7%) and Independent Greeks (2.5%).

The March 6-8 survey was conducted on a sample of 1,002 respondents from all over Greece.