Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 0

Massively: Police officers hit jackpots in Macedonia’s casinos (PHOTO)

An unusual sight in Macedonian casinos. As never before, jackpots end up in police officers’ pockets. And just when you thought that the text belongs to our section “Dvogled”, a slap is coming from the Macedonian police. Distinguished readers, we are aware that in the last year you saw and heard, and felt on your own the inappropriate behavior of the police, but you have certainly not seen this.

Police officers sitting in a casino and playing slot machines. Something unheard of, but unfortunately, in Macedonia, far from unusual.

When the police can be a taxi service for the kids of MoI employees, when they can arrest already arrested terrorists, park illegally only because they are the police, why can’t police officers play slot machines during working hours.

This sad picture is yet another proof that the MoI is governed by structures that are unsuitable to bring order and the police get the right place in the society. Instead of bringing order and setting an example, police officers playing slot machines give the impression that in this country everyone can do what they want.