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Matej Bogdanovski’s first children’s book to launch at Kino Kultura


Stories from Oddland (Приказни од Чудновија) is the first children’s book by Macedonian artist Matej Bogdanovski, who has previously published the comic novels KŠŠand Patentalia and Tentelina. The book launch will be held in Skopje’s Kino Kultura center Thursday at 8 pm.

Bogdanovski began creating Oddland at 11 years of age, inspired by Halloween.

“I first came across this holiday through satellite channels, cartoons, and video games, and I was inspired by its naive creepiness and its Jack o’Lanterns, witches, vampires, ghosts, and skeletons.

“I started writing the stories at 11, creating the characters of Mr. Pumpkinhead and King Maximillian,” Bogdanovski told MIA.

After reading Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais, Bogdanovski revisited the stories written in his early youth and reworked them, adapting them to Macedonian culture.

“Written in a school notebook, the stories included characters my brother came up with as well as those I invented myself or based on fairy tales, folklore, and mythology,” Bogdanovski said.

Macedonian painter and professor at the Art Academy in Stip Jana Jakimovska will introduce the book at Kino Kultura this evening.