Thursday, 18 October 2018 | News today: 1

MATTO: Macedonia to bolster cooperation with Turkish regions


There is room for Macedonia and Turkey to at least triple their trade exchange, namely to increase it from US$ 315 million to one billion. To that effect, Macedonia should cooperate with Turkish regions – large markets of several million consumers. Swift liberalization of trading with agriculture, food-processed products is also necessary, Ajdovan Ademoski, President of Macedonia -Turkey Chamber of Commerce (MATTO) and Kayseri Governor Suleyman Kamci agreed Tuesday at their first meeting in Skopje.

‘Turkish investments in Macedonia are at US$ 1,7 billion, making up 3.3 of the total foreign investments. This figure and the trade exchange scope are far from satisfactory considering the potential of the two countries,’ Ademoski said.

About 10, 15 companies only from Kayseri, a large and industrialized city in Central Anatolia, could invest in Macedonia’s textile, furniture, IT and tourism sectors, he added.

Governor Kamci is leading a 30-member delegation to get familiar with the opportunities for investing and business cooperation in Macedonia.

Earlier today, the delegation was received by President Gjorge Ivanov.