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Mayor Boutaris says he hasn’t suggested for renaming of Thessaloniki airport ‘Makedonia’


My statements are interpreted incorrectly as I’ve never suggested for the Thessaloniki airport to be renamed, Mayor Yiannis Boutaris told media on Tuesday.

Last night at a meeting of the city council and this morning in an interview with Skai TV, Boutaris said a name change of the city airport ‘Makedonia’  could be considered, MIA reported from Greece.

‘I am not saying it should change, only asking whether we should consider this, because the name ‘Macedonia’ has divided us and everyone loses’, Boutaris told Skai TV.

Later today, he expressed regret for being misinterpreted, saying that only part of his statement was published.

‘I haven’t suggested, do not, and will not suggest for a change of (the airport) name. I’ve simply voiced my concern. I don’t deny what I’ve said, namely that we have lost a lot with the (name) issue – namely 130-150 countries have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name. We, unfortunately, have lost a lot for the last 25 years for which the Greek government in this period also bear responsibility. This should be a subject of our concern,’ Boutaris said.

The name negotiations, he said, should produce an agreement that would be favorable for both parties.