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Mega interview with VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski (first part) asked the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, a number of questions on the current political situation. Due to the scale of answers, the interview will be published in several sequels, in which he answers on topics related to the protests, the postponement of the elections, the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the political situation and the ways to overcome the crisis.

In the first part of the interview, Gruevski talks about the way the NGOs backed by Soros work and the postponement of the elections, which were scheduled for June 5.


T: Protests are taking place daily. According to the accusations, NGOs that have and spend a lot of money stand behind these demonstrations, and that there are people who earn their living in this way. However, protests are sometimes held, sometimes not. How are these people managing to earn their living in that way?

“You see, the NGOs that are financed mainly by Soros-affiliated companies and some other foreign sources have continuity in their work, both when protests are held and not. During the periods when protests are not held, they spend the money on more or less the same people, but in different forms. For example, they hold various public debates against the Government’s activities and projects, they hold press conferences, they are guests in TV and radio shows, organize so-called plenums of various types, undergo various training for all of this.

The training is usually carried out by the most prominent people of the Soros-affiliated organizations, and from what I have heard, they often show an utterly sect-like behavior and the lectures are attempts to recruit young and perspective people and indoctrinate them, giving them money and many free travels, which is the main motive for these people to come to these lectures and efforts to brainwash them. Those who after a while will not accept their game, who will not succumb to the indoctrination, get informed not to come anymore, so the money are invested in others, who will provide greater effect.


T: What does sect-like behavior means?

“Here’s one example which I was told by one of the participants in the lectures, I believe sometime in 2009. Speaking to them against the Government’s policies, they asked some of the people present to get up on a table, jump and step over the program of VMRO-DPMNE . Totally crazy!

Or they demand all the lectures’ attendees to repeat in a choir: This Government is terrible!!! And similar things which would shock a normal person.

Not all methods are like this, they have more sophisticated ones but they also have many like these. The attendees come because they are sure they will get money, most often in some very easy form, for example, giving an idea, holding a lecture before a group of students or the like. Many of them do not succumb to the indoctrination, but they need the money, so they listen and keep quiet. Some of those attendees have told me that they went to the lectures just for the money, which they badly needed at that moment, but they were appalled by what they heard and saw.

In 2009, during the campaign ‘You Are Macedonia’, one of the basic lessons was to convince the listeners that ‘You Are not Macedonia’ and that nobody in this country should identify with the place and the country of birth and residence, but to feel exclusively as a human on the planet Earth. To not have a different experience for its nation, tradition, history and for his country in terms of any other country.

Direct indoctrination to the young people not to feel Macedonia as their country. And I’m not surprised that today, without a bit of conscience, some young people desecrate monuments dedicated to Macedonian heroes who have given their lives for today’s freedom and state.

These same lecturers and listeners have the task to make guest appearances on shows and to attack the Government and VMRO-DPMNE, write columns, some of them to be journalists or to keep some shows or portals, or plenums, or protests, public debates, to write negative everywhere outside the country against us, to send thousands of letters and emails to denigrate the Government, to make statements to foreign media and foreign analysts, to socialize and to convince us that in our country there is no freedom and democracy, to subsequently spread it.

Otherwise, from what we saw in the media these days, some exponents in the protests that are organized by these NGOs have been paid up to EUR 70,000 a year.


T: So, are you are trying to say that you have been constantly dealing with this sort of opponent?

“We have two oppositions. One is official, SDSM along with a few smaller and one-man parties, which I would call a paid opposition, even though indirectly the first one also uses the funds of the second one. Probably someone estimated that when SDSM is opposition, it cannot independently win the trust of the people and that is why a lot of money is invested to help them. This has been going on for over two decades.

All NGOs, which are financed by Soros when VMRO-DPMNE is in government, work and protest against us, while when SDSM is in government, they mainly work on projects supported by SDSM.  So, someone on the outside has been always engaged over the past two and a half decades to help out SDSM. First, because with their choice of staff in the leadership, they are incapable of coming into power themselves and staying there, and second, because somebody wishes they are in government, due to a personal interest. Nobody invests that amount of money without having a personal interest.

Let me just remind you that this is not only happening in Macedonia, but in several other countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans as well.


So, for two and a half decades, VMRO-DPMNE has been relying only on the support of the people and it is trying to be servient to the people, to fulfill its promises and to respond to their demands and requests, whereas, SDSM only relies on and serves to its foreign sponsors, and not to the people.

They consider the people merely as an instrument which should be used in order to come to power and remain in power as long as possible. While they are in power, it is key to for them to satisfy their informal ally, while the people get thrown a bone once in a while.

Moreover, they have always been allowed to persecute people from VMRO-DPMNE in order to slow down the process of gaining voter confidence back in VMRO-DPMNE.  Those that have impartially observed the situation, know that when SDSM is in power, freedom and democracy are always diminished, but that is not considered an issue. Democracy and freedom is an issue only when VMRO-DPMNE is in power. That is the situation.

They say that there is not enough freedom and democracy, while at the same time they are in the media all of the time. When we were the opposition, I remember that we fought for someone from the media to show up at a press conference, and sometimes no one came. While at times, several journalists came, but no media in the country wanted to cover the press conference. They have been protesting for weeks, destroying state property, vandalizing monuments of the most important people in our history, throwing paint at buildings, even those that are not part of the ‘Skopje 2014″ project, which is a thorn in SDSM’s eye, because it is a mirror of the lack of engagement during the time when they had the trust of the majority of the citizens and when they were in government.


The country has a large number of media, anyone can say anything or criticize without any consequences. This has been happening every day, every hour, all year, for years during our mandate.

However, despite the fact that it is clear that there is democracy, abundantly, we will still work on ensuring that the level of democracy is further strengthen.



T: You are never quite clear when you talk about some foreign forces? Can you tell us something more concrete about it?

“I am not a political analyst, nor a journalist, I am a politician on a very sensitive position. I say as much as I believe I can, so it will not damage the state or the citizens. It is one thing when a political commentator or analyst says something, but it is another when it is said by a politician with position and responsibilities like me.

In the first case, the worst that could happen is someone to suffer personal consequences or none at all, while in the second case the consequences will fall over the state and the people. That is why I need to act responsibly. But I think the majority of the people, more or less, know about it.”

T: We have gone onto political topics. Zaev has been saying that you are done, that you have been preparing for falling from power, that SDSM is going to come to power, that you are scared and that all he has said so far, has come true. How would you comment these statements?

“Zaev knows really well in what mess he has brought Macedonia and himself. He is hoping that whoever brought him here, will pull him out. He knows that it is not us who is done, but had he participated in the elections, he would have been done as a politician. He would have ended his political career. Many SDSM members who have a better political assessments, cannot wait for that to happen, and are aware that with him as a leader there can only be damage, and not coming to power.
Now, with postponing the elections he is relieved. He bought some time to create new malice and manipulation.

After he failed in the operation with the so-called “bombs”, to change the public’s mind, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) is his last hope. Let me be clear. We support the institution of SPO. That is why we voted for it. We support the idea of an independent body, trusted by both the opposition and the international factor, to investigate the crimes Zaev tried to frame us with, and present us in a different light than we really are. We want these things to be cleared, because we know we are innocent of the accusations SDSM’s leader assigned to us with his dirty operation for which  he said it was provided by a foreign intelligence service. Something entire Macedonia saw and heard.

But, in the past 6 months, the people of this institution have shown too many weaknesses and too much unprofessionalism for us not to express our disappointment and concern. We are a small country, a small capital, everyone is quick to find out about anyone’s behavior and intentions. Unfortunately, we cannot see professionalism, objective approach, non-party institution, innocence presumption, equal approach to everyone, and similar fair and professional standards, and all we see in these people is the complete opposite.”


To be continued…

(In the second part, on Thursday, Nikola Gruevski gives detailed answers to the questions related to SPO’s work, elaborating the principles due to which the party has reacted several times over the unprofessionalism, selectivity and political approach of the SPO.)