Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Melania Trump in Africa to promote child welfare (photo)

Melania Trump stepped off Executive One, the government plane assigned for her travel, Tuesday and arrived in Ghana on her first major solo journey as first lady.

The schedule for Trump’s trip has her spending about a week abroad, zig-zagging the continent to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt.
Greeted on a tarmac red carpet by Ghana’s first lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, Trump was presented with a bouquet of flowers wrapped in colorful kente cloth and treated to drum and dancing performances. She spent Tuesday morning visiting Ridge Hospital, where she greeted mothers and babies and passed out teddy bears and blankets.

She looked on nervously as a baby was weighed from a scale in a weighing bag, later picking up another baby, cooing to him and making faces and kissing him.

Trump and Akufo-Addo had tea behind closed doors at Jubilee Palace. She presented her hostess with a Chippendale tray etched with an image of the White House, and received a kente cloth and traditional Ghanian artifact in return.
She visited the United States Embassy later in the day, retiring to her hotel late Tuesday afternoon.
While Trump’s staff is keeping tight-lipped about specific details for security purposes, the first lady is expected to make stops at local schools and hospitals visiting with children and taking in regional cultural experiences.
In a speech in New York City last week, Trump said she would also be promoting her “Be Best” platform of helping kids in a broad spectrum of categories, ranging from wellness to cyberbullying.
“When I launched ‘Be Best,’ it was with the goal of combating some of the issues that children face today by shining a spotlight on successful programs and organizations that teach children the tools and skills needed for emotional, social and physical well-being,” Trump said. “Since the launch, I have had the opportunity to meet children all over the world, with the goal of talking to them about the importance of healthy living and responsible habits.”