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MEP Vajgl: Name deal opens Macedonia’s road to EU, NATO membership


Ivo Vajgl, special rapporteur for Macedonia in the European Parliament, welcomed Tuesday the agreement reached by Prime Ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras, saying that it opens Macedonia’s road to the EU, NATO membership.

‘The agreement reached by the Prime Ministers of the two neighboring countries, Greece and Macedonia, creates conditions for better, more productive relations, contributing substantially to the stability of South-East Europe. The negotiators of both parties and the UN mediator, along with the EU officials, deserve recognition for achieving the goal. The agreement on the name is now opening the door for Macedonia (Republic North Macedonia) to become a full-fledged EU, NATO member. The EU, NATO members should welcome the agreement as an opportunity for resuming the enlargement process towards all SEE countries,’ Vajgl said.

It is now vital, he said, for political parties and citizens of both countries to support the agreement.