Monday, 17 December 2018 | News today: 4

Mickoski: Campaign against Macedonian emigrants is campaign against our country and our people

In the past few days, I have noticed an intensive, wider negative campaign targeting the Macedonian emigrants who make up our diaspora, generalizing and criticizing their role and actions. The source of most of these insults are those who politically manipulated this topic in the past, they were shown for false spirits, one day doing a show, arranging shoes of expatriates in front of the government, another bargaining with figures of emigrants without any mathematical and scientific accuracy, the third day demanding that their right to vote be abolished at the elections, and so on and so, VMRO-DPMNE leader wrote on Facebook.

Today we see a completely different picture, an episode in which more expatriates are not a topic for the government, no figures about how many have returned in search of “life” that so many have announced it will come, but that’s why we see a dark campaign without a foundation.

I would prefer to be precise and clear. The Macedonian diaspora is an integral part of the country’s make-up, they are Macedonians who have the right to their own opinion, voice and are an inseparable part of this country, with their own homes, relatives in our villages and cities. We as a state do not need another basis for dividing the already divided civilian tissue. I would not in any way diminish their meaning in economic terms.

The diaspora in the form of foreign remittances in 2017 sent EUR 194 million to the Republic of Macedonia, money spent in our country. In addition, 1.2 billion euros were exchanged through exchange offices, of which a good part is money brought in from the Macedonian diaspora.

Therefore, a negative campaign against expatriates is a campaign against its own country, against its people, and that we must not allow it. The Macedonian in London, Washington or Canberra is no different from all of us who live in our country, because we share a common thought, a dream and an idea for a better Republic of Macedonia in which I firmly and steadfastly believe.