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Mickoski: Economy condition worries, foreign reserves reduced by 110 mln euros


What is worrying is the increase in debts, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Kristijan Mickoski. He says that at the moment since the new government has taken office, we have net debt of about 80 million euros.

The total debt amounts to 700 million euros along with the foreign reserves and the Eurobond from January.

Foreign reserves are reduced by 110 million euros, which does not necessarily mean that they are withdrawn to support the liquidity of the budget, there are other, exchange rate differences, repayment of old debts as they say, but it is a fact that the net debt and reduction of state reserves amount to about 200 million euros. If you add to this the Eurobond that has been taken, we come to an alarming figure of 700 million euros net resultant debt that Macedonia has at the moment, since the government took office until January 31, said Mickoski.