Friday, 17 August 2018 | News today: 11

Miloshoski: Dimitrov’s interpellation is aimed at preventing the sale of state and national interests


The Parliament on Monday began to discuss the proposal for a vote of no confidence in Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov. The proposal was made by VMRO-DPMNE and was detailed by its member of Parliament, and former Foreign Minister, Antonio Miloshoski.

Miloshoski pointed out to the damaging and one-sided treaty with Bulgaria as the chief reason for the call for a vote of no confidence. Other issues raised by Miloshoski include the move by Dimitrov to block the appointment of the already approved Ambassador to the European Union and his overall posture in foreign relations.

“Dimitrov claims that Macedonia’s position with regard to our neighbors and the region is improving. The best response to this claim is the meeting in Solun (Thessaloniki) on July 13th, where the President and Foreign Minister of Serbia, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Greece and the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Bulgaria met in a three-party discussion about the region, they discussed Macedonia, and Macedonia was not present. They discussed the Euro-integrations of the region, and Macedonia was not present”, said Miloshoski.

Miloshoski also pointed out to the issue of migration, which he said is aburning topic in Europe. “We have information that Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia are asked to increase their capacity to receive migrants and to provide housing and welfare rights”, Miloshoski said, accusing Dimitrov of failing to present a clear position on this issue.

Miloshoski also blamed Minister Dimitrov of careerism, pointing out his penchant for switching parties. “His ideology is careerism. Go through his biography and you will see that advancing his own career always came first for him, regardless whether Ljubco Georgievski, Branko Crvenkovski, Nikola Gruevski or Zoran Zaev was in office”, said Miloshoski.