Thursday, 18 October 2018 | News today: 0

Ministry unblocks Certified Proofreader Examination procedure


After a four-year delay, the Ministry of Culture has unblocked the Certified Proofreader Examination procedure. It was disabled after changes to the Law on the Use of the Macedonian Language in 2013 made the exam computer-based and unfeasible, and no Proofreader Certificates were issued meanwhile.

The procedure was unblocked after new amendments to the Law on the Use of the Macedonian Language were adopted in Parliament in late 2017, re-introducing the old way of assessment by committee.

The Ministry of Culture’s newly appointed Certified Proofreader Examination committee consists of Prof. Dr. Olgica Dodevska-Mihajlovska, Prof. Dr. Simon Sazdov (members) and Prof. Dr. Iskra Panovska-Dimkova (serving as Chair).

Culture Minister Robert Alagjozovski told the press that no Certified Proofreader Examinations had been administered since 2013 because the testing software was impractical and inadequate.

“You cannot,” Alagjozovski said, “assess grammar, syntax, linguistics, stylistics, morphology and word formation skills using a computer-based multiple-choice test, no matter how perfect it is.”