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Monograph on monumental artist Borko Lazeski promoted

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The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) on Thursday hosted an event launching a monograph on Borko Lazeski, the pioneer of Macedonia’s monumental art.

The promotion of the monograph “Borko Lazeski 1917-1993″ coincides with the 70th anniversary of the National Gallery of Macedonia (NGM).

To mark the centenary of Lazeski’s birth, the NGM will organize an exhibition running from Feb. 15 until April 5 in Skopje. The exhibit will feature some 60 showpieces, original works, photos of his monuments, and blueprints of his career-defining work of art, the Fresco of the National Liberation War (222 square meters), exhibited in 1956 at the former railway station in Skopje.

Today’s promotion was held in MANU’s ceremonial hall, whose walls are ornamented with Lazeski’s stained glass – the 1975 ‘The Light of the Past’.

“Due to this masterpiece, Borko is always with us and is always amongst us,” MANU’s president Taki Fiti said calling Lazeski ‘the master of Macedonia’s contemporary art.’

He said that Lazeski’s talent had been recognized widely, namely by the French government. With a French scholarship, Lazeski in Paris in the late 1950s studied the craft with André Lhote, considered the founder of Cubism.

“Borko Lazeski was highly regarded by his peers, he taught at the Academy of Pedagogy in Skopje after it was opened. He introduced the ideas of Lhote’s Cubism in Macedonia and he had many students and followers,” academic Cvetan Grozdanov said amongst other things.