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MPs open debate on new Anti­ Corruption Commission members


Macedonian Parliament on Tuesday opened a debate on the proposed members of the Commission for prevention of corruption. Zoran Ilioski, chairman of the Committee on elections and appointments presented the proposed candidates. Solza Grceva, member of Parliament elected on the opposition SDSM ticket and now serving as an independent representative, said she will not support the proposed candidates and demanded to hear about the work of the outgoing Committee members.

Artan Grubi from the Democratic Union for Integration, said that the Committee opened 228 cases of potential corruption and sent seven of them to the Public Prosecutor’s office, but none have led to a sentencing so far. Grubi asked the Anti­ Corruption Committee to help investigate the charges of wiretapping raised by the opposition SDSM party.

Only two members of the Anti­ Corruption Committee ­- Seidi Halili and Farije Aliu, are proposed to retain their seats. The five new proposed candidates are lawyers and legal or economic experts.

On Tuesday, Parliament also discusses several other issues on the agenda. MPs have adopted the proposal to send two officers to fill positions in the international mission Althea in Bosnia.

Parliament has also ratified an agreement for military financial cooperation with Turkey and amended the trade and commercial cooperation agreement with Croatia, as well as the agreement for police cooperation with Italy and an agreement to avoid double taxation with Vietnam.