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MPs to debate changes to Law on asylum



Members of the Macedonian Parliament will debate Thursday within 56th session the proposal to amend the Law on asylum and temporary protection. According to the changes, each migrant that will enter Macedonia will receive a confirmation that they will have to stay a maximum of 72 hours, after which they will have to either leave the country or file an asylum application.

On Monday evening Macedonian Government adopted the proposal to amend the Law on asylum and temporary protection. Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski summons a special session on quick adoption of proposed legal changes taking into consideration the current situation with migrants in the country.

Macedonia is facing a large increase of refugees, many of them fleeing war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, and others fleeing poverty in Africa. Most of the refugees enter Macedonia from Greece, and trek across the country on foot, by bike, or try to find some mode of transportation. The nightly treks along the railroad tracks, which serve as the main guideline for the refugees, often had deadly consequences, with trains crashing into groups of refugees. It’s estimated that about 30 refugees were killed in railroad incidents in the past six months.