Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | News today: 0

Murderers, rapists and terrorists on the loose – MPs and patriots behind bars

The former Interior Minister and Director of the Public Safety Bureau Mitko Chavkov and several other individuals were arrested and brought before a judge for a preliminary procedure who acts upon a written submission from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the April 27 violence in the Macedonian Parliament.

Besides Cavkov, actor Vlado Jovanovski, opera singer Igor Dulovski, MPs Goran Angelov – Kjoseto from Veles, Zaklina Peshevska, Krsto Mukovski and Ljuben Arnaudov from Ohrid are also detained.

It is not by chance that this police action is carried out on the day when the Government will discuss the draft law on amnesty, which provides for the release of murderers, rapists and criminals from prison. This law will include the returnees from ISIS.

At the same time, while patriots like Igor Durlovski, Vlado Jovanovski and Goran Angelov, who did not participate in any violence, are being arrested, the Supreme Court decided to annul the verdict in the ‘Monster’ case and return the case to the Basic Court for a fresh decision. The defendants of the case, charged with the cruel murder of three boys near Smilkovo Lake, are also likely to be allowed to defend themselves, which will be further adjudicated by the judicial council.

Until now, dozens of well-known criminals have been released from prison, including Agim Krasniqi and Bajrush Sejdiu.