Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Negotiators fail to agree, talks resume in Brussels – “Republic of Northern Macedonia” on the table!

A recent overturning seems to exist in the negotiations over Skopje after the rejection by the Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikolay Dimitrov of the name “Gorna Makedonija” (“Upper Macedonia”), which satisfied the Greek side. Nikos Kotzias, for his part, said that the name “Nova Macedonia” (“Nea Makedonia”) does not fully cover Greek concerns. Thus, the name “Republic of Northern Macedonia” (“Republika Severna Makedonija”) has fallen back to the table, which is now probably the most likely outcome, according to Michael Ignatius and

However, according to government sources, “trading continues on the basis of the four names”. While other sources comment that the most common names are Severna (Northern) and Nova (New) Macedonia while Vardarska (Macedonia of Vardari) is losing ground.

The Greek government insists on erga omnes (the name is for all purposes) and demands that the necessary constitutional changes be made. Before that, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias arrived at the headquarters of the United Nations, with his diplomatic mission, followed by his Macedonian counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov, with his escort after a few minutes.

The two men headed to the 15th floor of the building, where they began the talks at 9:37 local time New York (4:37 am Greece). Yesterday, both sides did not make statements keeping a careful attitude. Speaking on Wednesday, May 23rd, to Greek journalists, Mr. Kotzias had pointed out the need for the Skopian side to show pragmatism, while asking whether the deal would last for a day or two, he had said that “we will see this”. This afternoon, the Greek minister will depart for Brussels, where the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union will take place.