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Newly formed Ignaz Fuchs chamber ensemble thrills St. Sophia audience


The recently formed Ignaz Fuchs chamber ensemble delighted the audience with its performance of both contemporary and century-old classical masterworks at St. Sophia in Ohrid on Thursday evening.

The chamber music ensemble performed Armenian composer Alexander Arutiunian’s Suite for Trio: Violin, Clarinet, and Piano (1992), Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev’s Quintet in G minorOp39(1924), the Quartet for Clarinet and Strings (1830) by Estonian composer Iwan Müller, as well as the Divertimento in C major for oboe, viola, and double bass, P. 98 (written around 1760) by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn’s younger brother, Johann Michael Haydn.

“The pieces date from different eras,” double bass player Dimovski told the press, “but they’re all classical or neoclassical.

“Prokofiev’s Quintet, in particular, is highly unusual, as it was written for a ballet troupe in 1924. It’s quite dramatic and chaotic, beautiful and exciting, as music should be.”

The ensemble was formed in 2018 to celebrate the upcoming 150th birth anniversary of 19th-century Croatian composer Vatroslav Lisinski, born Ignaz Fuchs (1819-1854).

It consists of six classically trained musicians from the region: Macedonian violinist Frosina Bogdanoska, Croatian violist Hrvoje Philips, Macedonian double bass player Ilin Dime Dimovski, Croatian oboist Dario Golčić, Serbian clarinetist Aleksandar Tasić, and Macedonian pianist Jana Pavlovska Moltz.

“I’m delighted to be part of such a group of fantastic artists,” said violinist Bogdanovska. “We all live in different places and perform at different venues, so we had very few chances to rehearse together, but we quickly became attuned to each other.”