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Nikola Gruevski’s mega interview: SPO works politically, not in line with the law (second part)

In the second part of mega interview with VMRO-DPMNE president, Nikola Gruevski, he refers to current issues related to the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, revealing details and findings linked to the institution’s actions. (You can read the first part of the interview here)

T: You said that when it comes to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, you do not see righteous and professional standards. Where and how do you recognize these aspects of the Special Prosecutor’s Office work?

“Here, I won’t deal with insinuations and the affairs that follow the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, I will focus on the undisputed facts. Firstly, most of these prosecutors speak and behave towards the VMRO-DPMNE leadership with a high degree of hatred; their press conferences resemble political performances, with a huge doze of theater, without evidence, with previously prepared floscules by them, the people for whom no charges have been filled are declared guilty, and the court hasn’t voiced its position. Their activities are absolutely selective and are directed merely against one political party, towards the VMRO-DPMNE leadership.

We were all witnesses of how SDSM president, publicly, in several occasions has been announcing their next moves and activities in the media, and then the SPO acted literally in accordance with those announcements.

We have all seen this through the media. It speaks also about their close connection, coordination and giving instructions by one political party, and that is SDSM. How can someone trust these people, whom we all thought were unbiased and neutral. What I have been hearing from managers of institutions, apart from the fact that they act utterly arrogant, they continuously use threats both against the institutions’ managers and against the potential witnesses.

They told many witnesses that if they don’t accept to say and confirm what is demanded of them, they will end up in jail. Something similar to 1949 in Macedonia, when the secret police of Yugoslavia then used such methods.



T: What do you mean by “arrogant”?

“Not all of them, but most of the SPO prosecutors think they are huge movie stars. Until yesterday, most of them, except their small circle of acquaintances, were never known and saluted, and now, after SDSM supporters congratulate them and take pictures with them on the street, they think that is entire Macedonia and that they have a huge support by the people.

On the other hand, it is obvious they can’t handle their new role, and their conduct towards the institutions is utterly degrading, from a position of power, arrogant and intimidating. They openly boast to their friends that this or that country stands behind them, that nobody can do anything to them, that they are untouchable, that they are heroes, that they have a great future career, because somebody who stood behind them will not forget what they’re doing.


They have detached themselves from the ground

They speak about all of this and besides SDSM activists, the others are shocked when they listen to them and then comment, in the sense that they have detached themselves from the ground, that they needed a month and several press conferences to fly up in the sky. They are startled because they see everything through their careers’ point of view, or to please someone else, and not the justice. They are not even aware of the objective opinion about them. They are not even aware that more than 60 percent of the Macedonians don’t believe in them, and that the percentage of those that do coincides with the percentage of SDSM supporters.

They act as a party branch of SDSM. As if they work for SDSM. For each case they investigate, they start from an assumption and the firm conviction that the slanders and the accusations from the SDSM press conferences are true, and now they have to prove them at any cost, using most often, as I said, the methods that Yugoslavia secret police used in the 1950s.

So, their approach is not to investigate what had happened, whether what was SDSM claimed was true or not, or eventually collect evidence in the legal procedure if the claim is true, but at any cost, to defend and to prove that SDSM was 100 percent right. That’s their approach. Zaev has released it, and now we’re here to prove it, independently whether or not his claim and accusations are true or not. At any cost, and with all legal and illegal methods, with pressures and threats as towards the witnesses and the institutions, so towards the courts and the judges, with continuous requests for assistance for pressure from representatives of the international community.

Никола Груевски портрет интервју


T: You mentioned illegal methods, what do you mean?

“Just briefly, in the 21 century, if you call someone as a witness and if you tell them to confirm what you have aimed to prove as true, even though it is not, and then tell them that if they don’t not do as asked they will get 10 years in prison and that they will not recognize their children when they come out, then this is nothing but a brute abuse of function, an abuse of function and institution, and it is no coincidence that some of the witnesses filed law suits against some people of SPO.

It is very obvious that these people, who have usurped this institution, have deep party motivations to help SDSM and to harm VMRO-DPMNE. In the absence of evidence against the people who are their targets for destruction and political elimination, they are trying to extort false testimonies out of witnesses, by intimidation and threats they are trying to secure protected witnesses, people who are first intimidated, then offered cooperation so in return they wouldn’t be prosecuted.

Earnings in SPO reach up to EUR 3,000

This information I am sharing was passed on to me by many people who were summoned for talks in the SPO. Some of them were directly told that their target is a certain politician, and that if they refused to testify against him, falsely of course in cases when there is no crime, they were told that they would be set up and incriminated.

This SPO team, powerless to justify the money they are spending, are said to have ultra high earnings, EUR 2,500-3,000 salaries including additions, powerless to help SDSM by making us look bad in front of the public, has already lost its compass in its actions and it has lost most of the people’s trust. They have tarnished the SPO institution.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 07


T: What actions of the special prosecutors devalued their work?

“Simply put, they live for the moment of holding a press conference at which they will make an accusation against someone, or an announcement that they have opened an investigation, without having an ounce of evidence or through false witnesses. It will probably be just as bad or worse in the future for establishing charges. Following the information we are receiving, we have concluded that they are working upon instructions given by some SDSM individuals, while bragging that they are supported by the international factor which assures them that they will succeed, however.

Through their behavior and actions, as I said, they are pressuring the judges as well, trying to extort sunfounded detentions and search warrants. Really, their only hope is to put someone under detention as punishment and effort for political elimination, in order to break him psychologically and to force him to become a false protected witness against some senior politician. All of this, their whole approach and way of acting are completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable in any democratic country.

I understand that they want to continue receiving money for as long as possible, I understand that after raising expectations they now have to show some results for the money and the trips they took, I understand that they are naturally inclined toward a specific party while they are disinclined, in this case, toward VMRO-DPMNE, but that institution needs to work impartially and professionally, by respecting the presumption of innocence, and to save their personal inclinations for themselves or for the election day. The impression is that they can be good SDSM members, but not independent prosecutors.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 03


Using the phrase “ruling party“, so they would not mention VMRO-DPMNE

No professional would ever enter Edmond Temelko’s home, or anybody’s home without a court order. Talking about Temelko, the SPO demanded detention for this person and it is preoccupied with not liberating a school principal, or a police officer who allegedly insulted someone, while on the other hand, Verusevski, for whom there is clear evidence of his role in the processes, was freed from detention, what kind of professionalism is that?

They cannot publish names during press conferences, or describe persons without using a name, and everyone in the country knows who that person is, without any elementary evidence against the person. Or using the phrase “the ruling party”, so they would not mention VMRO-DPMNE, and everybody knows that the period when they are authorized to investigate is the period of this party’s rule.

For instance, the phrase “a former interior minister” cannot refer to anyone else, since only one woman was on that position in the period they were authorized. This implies that they focus on us with hatred, wishing to destroy someone’s reputation, to eliminate them politically, to slander and say bad things about them. Without a court’s verdict. They work as political opponents, and not as independent prosecutors.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 01


People have no idea of the fees they receive

I found out they thought of something new. They have signed a deal for consultant services with various people, professors, attorneys, academicians, etc. whose main task is to guest television programs, and to talk against us, and to defend them. To write columns in the same direction, and affect the public’s opinion, acting as it they were independent experts.

So, they are councilors during the day, if they do anything as councilors at all, and in the evenings they are guests on TV shows, independent experts, notable attorneys or professors, or academicians, etc. In other words, they spent the people’s budget to pay people who politically and publicly will defend their unprofessional and party-motivated activities. And that happens in Macedonia almost every day. The people listen to them, and probably have no idea of the fees they receive to talk that way about us.

See these days how they tried to protect the former chief of the special units “Alpha”, who is known to be SDSM’s party staff. At times they are not even trying to hide or act.


Ordered court expertise reports

We never agreed to this kind of SPO, and no single normal person would support it.

The second piece of information we received recently, which needs to be confirmed if it is true, was that they have assigned experts of different profiles, economy, construction, IT, etc., experts who would create ordered expert reports, reports to support the SPO’s constructions.

You can imagine what else happens, when these people as a team, will forge and produce expert reports for large sums of money. We have already witnessed such ordered expert report by Miroslav Grcev for the “Cosmos” case. Imagine, even though there have been several expert reports on the same case, SPO has ordered another report by Miroslav Grcev, the man who has openly shown hatred for VMRO-DPMNE, and all government projects, the man who slanders us every day, a former mayor of SDSM, who is completely unauthorized for these reports, was chosen to create an expert report. These are SPO’s methods.

There are many other aspects to this behavior of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is yet to be discussed. About how their work functions from different aspects.

So, I will repeat. We support the idea for this institution. After what happened last year, we need it, the country needs it, the party needs it, and we need it too, but as an independent and professional institution. With its methods they have abused and stained the idea. They have allowed themselves to serve for someone else’s service, and someone else’s goals.

I believe that if the SPO acted this way toward anyone of the opposition, there would have been riots, in and out of the country.

To be continued…

(In the third part of the interview with Nikola Gruevski, you will read about whether he expects SPO to stop the political agenda, about the party’s next activities, as well as other current issues and topics)