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Nikola Gruevski’s mega-interview: The more SDSM prolongs the crisis, the more people’s rage against it will grow (third part)

In the third part of mega interview with VMRO-DPMNE president Nikola Gruevski, he refers to the Special Prosecutor’s Office and whether or not he is afraid of its work, whether he expects investigations and charges against him personally, he also refers to the decision of the Constitutional Court related to the elections and the expectations if the elections on June 5 were held, and the pardoning decision of President Gjorge Ivanov. (You can read the first part of the interview here, and the second part here)

In the interview, Gruevski also re-activated the proposal that VMRO-DPMNE brought forward last August, in connection with active registration of voters in the country, i.e. everyone who wants to vote should register themselves.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 01


T: You talked about the SPO’s work and the methods it uses. Do you think it will continue to act like this in future?

“Not only it will continue, but it will certainly become stronger. Zaev is not pleased with the SPO. Thus far, the SPO has failed in convincing the people in what he failed in doing last year with the ‘bombs’, the public support for VMRO-DPMNE continues to grow, rather than to decline.”


T: Are you afraid of the SPO?

“So far, I haven’t noticed fear with anyone from the fact that the SPO was established, which needs to investigate what has happened in certain situations of their work. That has encouraged me and confirmed to me that the people were really working devotedly and honestly. But when we saw the methods they started using, and which I mentioned just earlier, it is normal concerns to spring up with people who are targeted by SPO and SDSM, but also with the others that follow the process.

But soon afterwards, with most of those people, the concern and the fear from unprofessional and biased work by the SPO employees has gone away, after we had talked and realized that they cannot succeed with such methods. Maybe someone still fears that they will harm them by abusing the positions, but many of us consider these people who use such methods a book well read, who acting with hatred and party motifs, will only make us stronger.

Actually, the aim of the SPO people, among other things, was to fuel fear. I think they haven’t read our history, or have a knowledge of our religion. And least of all, us personally. Or they have a completely wrong perception about us or they want to think like that because of personal party motifs”.

Никола Груевски портрет интервју


T: Do you think they will initiate investigations and charges against You personally?

“Of course, when politically motivated people work there, I’m their main target as the president of the party that SDSM can’t beat for over 10 years.

They will torment or are already tormenting a bunch of people in order to intimidate them, so they could use them as false witnesses against me. Press conferences will follow at which they will try to present me as an evil person, a criminal, anti-democrat, deceiver, etc. They will try to use all methods.

They will not succeed. On the contrary, they will produce an opposite effect. Their actions have been read like a book. One day, they will be ashamed of that. And again, during the next elections, whenever they are held, SDSM will lose, and VMRO-DPMNE will win the trust, and stronger than what it would have won now”.

T: Do you believe that after a certain period of time, many things will become clearer, or the situations will be additionally burdened?

“I’m certain in me and in what I have done and worked on. Because I believe that justice always wins. I’m not a man who wants to leave doubts on anything, because I believe in honesty and I know what it means”.

Никола Груевски портрет интервју


I am ready to be set up, and even eliminated

“When I entered politics, I knew I was entering politics, and not some ballet performance, I knew the methods of many politicians throughout history who were attacked, and I was and still am, ready for everything, in terms of being attacked. For all sorts of blows and challenges. For all sorts of sneaky set ups and accusations, including my personal elimination.

I have always worked honestly and I’m convinced in that. Everyone makes mistakes, but strategic mistakes, or mistakes in order to abuse or profit financially, there weren’t any. Let’s not forget, when VMRO-DPMNE came to power, Macedonia was on the 105th place in regard to the corruption perception in the world, according to Transparency International. We put the fight against corruption as a priority, and now we are on the 66th place, ahead of some EU member states or NATO, for example. So, the attempt to twist the theses, to switch the roles, doesn’t hold. That’s why I’m certain in me.


I’m a person of strong will and faith in what I do. I will overcome this challenge as well.”

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 06


T: What victory would you have expected, if the elections were to be held on June 5?

“According to all surveys, it would have been similar to the victory of the 2014 elections. It would have been a strong response to all the lies that we had stolen 150,000 votes or similar nebulousness. But the more the crisis and the elections are prolonged, the more the people’s anger will grow, and their defeat will be greater”.


T: What about the voter’s list, this was the topic subjected to many debates?

“When it comes to the voter’s lists and the manipulations that they have not been cleared, I will remind you that last August VMRO-DPMNE offered the co-called active registration of voters. This means, in order to avoid dilemmas and doubts, by changing a law, to start from the notion that no one will be listed on the voter’s list and that everyone who wants to vote would get 2-3 months to register themselves, using an identification document, personal ID or passport, or biometrical data.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 02


The same proposal again – Whoever wants to vote, to register by themselves

Here I will reaffirm it now. If they agree, we can immediately implement it. That would mean, For example, between July 1 and September 15, or, if they want, January 15, everyone who would want to vote would go to one of the many legally appointed offices across Macedonia and register and sign for voting, and leave an electronic fingerprint. Later on, only those who have registered would be able to vote.

The registration, except in Macedonia, would be available in all Macedonian diplomatic and consular offices in the world, so we would allow the entire diaspora, including those who will not be unable to come to Macedonia during the summer, when they usually come, to register in the embassy or the consulate, to sign where they would vote, in Macedonia, or the country they are living in or staying.

Then, when voting they would place their finger on the electronic device to check their identity. If someone claims they have troubles with the internet, I would answer that the checks should not necessarily need to be carried out online, but they can be  also carried out offline. Each electoral office in the computer would already have the electronic fingerprints of the voters that have registered, so it can be carried out offline  During the time of registration the State Election Commission would conduct an informative campaign through the media and would send written letters to the home address to each voter about the possibility to register for voting.

Voting in America is carried out by active registration. Why wouldn’t that be the case in Macedonia? We could not have a more fair voting and clearer voters’ list than this. But I will say again, the issue is not the voters’ list, but in not having the support of the people and that’s why arises the need to find excuse to postpone the elections. Had they accepted it in August last year, the active registration would have been completed by January. But how would they have postponed the April 24 elections?

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 07


T: What will be your next actions, and what will be theirs?

“If I am to provide a short answer, I would say, we will build and create, make reforms, solve problems, we will fight for this country to move forward. They will continue to deny and slander everything, call us criminals at every press conference. You know how it is, when a thief says hold the thief.

They will also wait for the SPO to launch investigations and file charges against us, to drag us around courts, attempting to create a perception among the people that we really are criminals. They will continue with the destructions, protests with paid protesters and vandalism, they will deepen the destruction. In the end, when the elections come, which they will not be able to avoid, they will see how wrong they were”.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 04

T: Last week, there have been some intense, to someone and unexpected events. Wednesday was particularly exciting. How do you see the development of the political events thus far, and in the future?

“Yes, the Constitutional Court’s ruling was not in the direction of our activities and expectations. But we have accepted it because it is a court’s ruling and we practically had no choice. We have been surprised by the change of the decisions of DUI and DPA in terms of their participation in the elections, and the fact they left us alone as a 21-party coalition to put in an election program.

Although, of 55 registered parties in the country, our coalition has 21 parties, which is almost half of the parties, still we were not content with having only one list, only one offer for the voters. Ultimately, it’s bad for the image of the country. So we were thinking, and then I stated, we are prepared, right after the June 5 elections to hold another elections to give the voters another choice.

Still, after the Constitutional Court’s ruling, the Parliament was reconvened. We adopted the several laws we proposed in the work groups before the first postponing of the elections in February.

In the following period, if there is enough time until the elections, we’ll be committed to the European agenda, the urgent priority reforms, and the legal solutions in the Parliament that will improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Никола Груевски, интервју портрет - 03


T: You have shown both understanding and disagreement with the President’s pardoning decision.

“Yes, and we have explain that. Understanding, because we believe his intentions were good, just as he explained in his statements. Reconciliation and coming to an end to the political crisis. Disagreement because somehow we were put us in the same corner with people who have committed criminal acts, and for whom there is legally obtained evidence. Especially because these very people cannot stop using the word ‘criminals’ when they speak about us. While they are the true criminals. They are people who have once been pardoned for committing crimes.  We have been put in the same corner with people who have been allocating tenders in municipalities where their relatives and party associates are in power.

Ivanov looked out for the state interest

Knowing President Ivanov very well, I know that he is a man who puts the interest of the state and its people above all personal interests and he is ready to undertake personal risks in order to contribute to the progress of the country, and I have no doubt that the decision was a move intended to protect the state’s interest. I believe in everything he said in his explanation and that he meant everything he said.  He really wants to accomplish a reconciliation, which would be in the interest of the state.

If he looked out only for his own interest and not the state’s, he would have kept quiet and would have only observed since his mediation in the crisis was rejected by SDSM anyway.

And finally, when we make a decision about some big and strategic decisions, we forget that all big decisions are truly valued after a period of time passes by.  Maybe after 3,5, or 10 years, many of those who insulted him and his reconciliation attempt will see his decision differently, and will recognize their weakness and shortsightedness in their insults against him”.


T: Zaev has said that you have undertaken one-sided steps again and that you would ultimately do as he asks.

“You see, first of all, he has reduced his political battle to fighting with me, while he fails to focus on a platform for a better Macedonia. He is full of anger and frustrations toward me personally. That is why he keeps losing. No matter what a man full of hate does, it always ends up with no success. He is guided by hate, and he cannot free himself from that. And he will not. It’s is stronger than him.

Whereas I am guided by the ideology of our party and the desire for the advance and success of Macedonia, the desire for new employments, new investments, higher salaries, pensions, subventions, more road investments, water supply systems, cheap housing projects for the young, work and happier life in Macedonia.


We believe in values, not in hatred as SDSM

We are a party that apart from the projects, deeds and reforms, also works on the basis of an ideology which has its pillars connected to the nation, traditions, values ​​and value criteria, family, protection of private property, support of the poor, helping the entrepreneurs, the attitude towards the individual and his happiness, but also the people and the state as the reason for our existence and acting as a party, the integrity of the individual and the nation, education, patriotism, history of our people and citizens, the future of the country, common goals.

Our ideology is linked to our party’s name and with history. That enrooted feeling of ideology is especially important in times of crisis and then it becomes the binding tissue, particularly among those that are in the party for ideological reasons.

When you believe in certain values and you are guided by a certain ideology, then you are ready to undertake greater personal risks, you can fall from power, but you will have the strength to try again and succeed.  This is what SDSM membership is lacking, or if it is present, then it is in a minor dimension. They are guided exclusively by personal interest and desire for power, for which they are ready to do anything, to form alliances with anyone and they are literally ready for anything, including anti-state activities. This is what usually leads them down the abyss. This is why all kinds of groups, who cannot identify each other, get infiltrated there.