Tuesday, 17 July 2018 | News today: 19

Nikoloski: MPs detention is violation of the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure


MP and former chairman of the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory and Immunity Issues, Aleksandar Nikoloski, in a statement for Republika said that Tuesday’s detention of MPs is a violation of the Constitution and the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure.

“The Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and the Constitution have been violated, a MP cannot be detained without the approval of the Assembly, there is a procedure for this. Perhaps it is interpreted that at this moment they are summoned to give a statement and there is still no decision for detention, but it is a deprivation of liberty, and for that, permission of the Assembly is needed,” Aleksandar Nikoloski told Republika.

MPs Krsto Mukovski, Ljuben Arnaudov and Zaklina Peshevska were detained early Tuesday in connection to the events of 27 April 2017 in Parliament.