Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

No mandate unless legal and political obstacles removed, Ivanov tells Hungarian state TV


I cannot give the government mandate until the legal and political obstacles are removed, President Gjorge Ivanov says in an interview with Hungarian state television MTVA.

Ivanov says the political problem, i.e. the Tirana Platform, is the more essential issue.

“The majority was secured through blackmail – acceptance of the platform of parties of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia, prepared in Tirana, in the cabinet of the Albanian Prime Minister. According to our constitution, this brings Macedonia into dependency from another country, which is punishable by law and goes against the oath I pledged when assuming the presidential post. The President is obliged to protect the constitution and the laws, as well as the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Macedonia”, Ivanov tells MTVA.

According to him, if the mandate is given to someone who accepted a platform of another country, Macedonia’s independence will be brought into question.

“If I do not observe the constitution I could be subject to impeachment. The constitution and the existing procedure must be observed. On the contrary, a government formed without respecting the constitutional grounds would be unstable and disputed”, stresses Ivanov.