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October – month against the violence in Macedonia

Few non-governmental Macedonian organizations as “Art of living – Macedonia”,  “Association for development of the UN values SUNA – Skopje” and “Art life – Skopje” made a proposal –  October to be the Macedonian month against the violence, as well as  the month of reduced negatives contents in the media. In their opinion, our society increasingly obtain disorientate, unmoral youth.

The children become furious young people without integrity and moral values which is resulting  with escalation of the social and domestic violence.

There is absence of the positive values in Macedonia as well as in the world in general. More often parents are out of home chasing for money, making efforts for keeping a workplace or reaching a new one. Mature people on daily basis are confronting with the stress, bad communication and conflicts.  They are carrying these bad influences  at home and transferring to the children. Thanks to the bad child-parent communication, kids are preoccupied with watching cartoons, video games, movies  and internet which are full with violent contents . – Alert this organizations