Monday, 12 November 2018 | News today: 28

Ohrid hosts NBRM annual conference


The representatives of several central banks from the region, the EU and beyond, the European Central Bank, financial institutions, state institutions, as well as from prominent world universities and international organisations attend the 7th Annual Research Conference organised by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBRM), held 12-13 April in Ohrid.

NBRM Governor Dimitar Bogov delivered Thursday welcome speech at the conference titled “Around a Decade After the Crisis: Heading to the New Global Cycle and Monetary Policy Normalization,” and referred to current situation in the world economy, especially those aspects which are directly in the focus of the central banks, but also on the Macedonian economy and economies of the Western Balkan countries in terms of facing the new global cycle.

“At this point the issues that we should raise and discuss during the conference would be how strong and sustainable the global recovery is, what are the reasons for reduced inflation, what should be the dynamics of monetary policy normalization, whether the banks are more elastic now, are we better prepared to prevent risks… Perhaps these are simple questions but as in any other cases in real life and in real economic framework, there are no simple answers,” Bogov underlined.

The annual award for the best work of a young researcher in the field of macroeconomics and banking, traditionally presented by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia since 2007, was presented during conference’s first session. This year’s laureate is young researcher Kiril Simeonovski for the paper “Economic growth in conditions of optimal public debt management in Macedonia.”

Research papers from central banks and academic institutions from Italy, Sweden and Macedonia were presented at the first conference day. Discussion on the topics of the research papers will be held by the representatives of the London School of Economics, the European Central Bank, the University of Orleans, France and the NBRM.

While the second day is scheduled for panel discussions on the policies of high level officials.

The conference is traditionally held to mark the monetary independence of the Republic of Macedonia.