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“Ohrid Sky”: Referendum before collapse, OSCE polls show

The referendum on September 30 is before collapse, reports news portal “Ohrid Sky“, which came to official OSCE polls related to the referendum turnout.

As the news portal reports, according to the polls conducted by the OSCE for their needs, the turnout in the upcoming referendum will be 32.3% or the total number of eligible voters, 1.910.000 in the upcoming referendum, including 13.09.2018, 32.3% or 616.930 eligible voters would come out.

According to the OSCE poll, this figure shows that the upcoming referendum will end in fiasco because another 300,000 voters are needed in order to achieve the necessary census needed for a successful referendum.

This lack of interest of the citizens is due to the fact that the parties in power have betrayed their voters, the public’s dissatisfaction is enormous. But OSCE, unofficially, says that media propaganda for the upcoming referendum of the ruling parties is а complete failure. According to them, advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not reach citizens, especially in the smaller areas where the population uses these social networks less.

Media space in Macedonia has a weak representation for the upcoming referendum, and connoisseurs warn that if the parties in power do not change their strategy and do not focus on the real problems in the upcoming referendum they will suffer a total fiasco.