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One in three children in Macedonia overweight


One in three children in Macedonia is overweight, 14 percent of boys aged 11 in Macedonia are overweight compared to the four percent European average, show UNICEF data.

Healthy nutrition was Monday’s topic in elementary schools across the country. Minister of Education and Science Renata Deskoska and UNICEF representative Benjamin Perks attended a class dedicated to the theme in Skopje-based school “Avram Pisevski”.

“The goal is for children to acquire healthy habits related to nutrition and awareness of not throwing unused food”, said Deskoska.

According to her, the event was also in the context of their commitment alongside mayors to reevaluate food quality offered to children in schools, meaning laws that are currently drafted include fines for schools that fail to observe the food rulebooks.

“This is a problem appearing as a result of the failure by certain mayors to observe the ministry’s food rulebook on the content of the food for children in schools”, added Deskoska.

UNICEF representative Benjamin Perks said one in three children in Macedonia is overweight, with nutritionists claiming that 80 percent of the cause lies in dieting, while 20 percent in physical activity.

“Proper nutrition affects physical health but also the brain’s development, learning, proper growth. In addition, it is not only about food quantity, but also balanced nutrition”, added Perks.

The global initiative, including Macedonia, aims to inform children and youth with the sustainable development goals, stimulating active participation in their achievement.