Monday, 18 June 2018 | News today: 9

Opening of the third country-wide cycle of employment fairs


A new cycle of job fairs will be held by the Employment Agency and will cover six cities across Macedonia. The fairs open in Skopje on Thursday and will include direct engagement between job seekers and employers.

After Skopje, the events will be held in Stip on May 26th, Kavadarci on May 30th, Bitola on June 6th, Tetovo on June 8th and Strumica on June 13th. Vlatko Popovski from the Employment Agency said that in the previous two cycles, nearly 80.000 citizens visited the fairs and left 21.190 job applications which were distributed to 734 companies that are hiring. The fairs resulted with at least 2.500 employments, Popovski said.