Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

Orbán: ‘New blood’ needed in European Parliament

New blood is needed in the European Parliament, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday referring to the European parliamentary elections of 2019.

“I can see the signs of end-of-term fatigue on them,” but there will be new MEPs after the EP elections and “I believe the quality of democracy will improve,” Orbán told public radio Kossuth.

Commenting on the issue of migrant visas, he said it was “rather funny” that they keep repeating the vote on migrant visas in the EP in order to secure an outcome that is favoured by the “bureaucrats”.

He added, however, that one wonders why this is tolerated by MEPs who have been sent there to represent the interests of the people.

No democracy is perfect, including the one in Hungary, but democracy in Brussels is even further away from perfect, he said.

Source: Hungary Today