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Osmani gives Žbogar detailed report on Plan 3-6-9


Vice-Premier for European Affairs Bujar Osmani delivered the final report on the implementation of Plan 3-6-9 to EU ambassador Samuel Žbogar ahead of tomorrow’s release of the EU’s Progress Report for the Republic of Macedonia.

“We have implemented more than 90 percent of the reforms included in Plan 3-6-9 and 100 percent of its essence. The plan has achieved its goal of putting the country back on its Euroatlantic track,” Osmani said while delivering the report to EU ambassador Žbogar.

The Secretariat for European Affairs said that Osmani was expecting good news from Brussels tomorrow at the presentation of the European Commission’s Progress Report on Macedonia.

Plan 3-6-9 was adopted in July of last year after the new Government was elected. Part 3 of the long-term plan was accomplished in the first three months by organizing fair and credible elections last November. Part 6 was achieved by the time the European Commission’s Enlargement Strategy concerning the Western Balkans 2025 was presented.

The deadline to implement Part 9, i.e., the entire Plan 3-6-9, is tomorrow, April 17, when the EC will release its Progress Report.

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, the Secretariat for European Affairs will publish the detailed Report on the Implementation of Plan 3-6-9 on its website (