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Outgoing NBRM governor Bogov drops out of race


Dimitar Bogov withdraws from the race to become the new governor of the National Bank of Macedonia (NBRM) after being nominated for his second 7-year mandate by President Gjorge Ivanov.

In a written statement to MIA, he says he has closely followed the public debate in connection to the President’s proposal to nominate him for the second time and has made the decision having in mind reactions from stakeholders and the deadline for appointing a governor of the central bank.

“I take this occasion to thank President Gjorge Ivanov for placing his trust in me by nominating me for the second time at the helm of the National Bank, which for me personally is an act of acknowledgement of everything I have done in the past seven years. Having in mind reactions from some stakeholders from the political scene in Macedonia, the current political constellation and the deadlines for electing a governor, in the interest of the state I withdraw from the race after I have informed the President of Macedonia,” states Bogov.

In the coming period, he says, I believe that a solution will be found and a new candidate for governor of the NBRM will be nominated as soon as possible, who will secure a wide political support.

“The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia cannot be left without a governor. I expect a solution will be found as soon as possible that will be in the interest of the Republic of Macedonia,” notes Bogov.

Bogov’s mandate as the central bank’s governor ends of May 20. Parliament will hold a session on the appointment of new governor on May 21.